Sneaky Little Girl Steals Pope’s Hat Right Off His Head Leaving Him in Splits | Must Watch

Dami Adenuga ADs

When Travel blogger Mountain Butorac took his god daughter Shirley to meet the Pope at the Vatican city, little did he know that the little girl would leave the 80-year old Pope Farncis in splits with her antics.

As Butorac held Shirley and lent her towards the Pope for a kiss, the little one grabbed his skull cap. Luckily for her, the Pope took it in the right spirit and grabbed his cap back and laughed out loud much to everyone’s amusement.

Butorac shared the hilarious video on his Twitter page and captioned it as “Took my Goddaughter to meet the pope. She stole his hat!(sic)”.

The Pope placed his cap back on his head after a hearty laugh and went on to greet other well wishers. The video has Butorac later looking at the camera and saying, “She really took his hat.(sic)”

The Pope is known to have a sense of humour. In 2015, during his visit to USA, he was left in splits when an onlooker raised her child towards his emerging cavalcade. The mother had dressed up her baby as Pope and the Pointiff could not help but laugh at the cute sight. He had then taken the baby on his carriage, planted her a kiss and gave her his blessings.