5 Tips to prevent your breast from sagging

Every woman desires to have perfectly shaped breasts throughout her life and dread the thoughts of having Sagging breasts, but the reality is that breasts can sag at any age. Breasts are composed of fat cells, milk ducts, milk glands, and cooper’s ligaments and as women age, milk glands in the breasts are replaced with fat tissue which has less support. Breast sagging is a natural process that happens with age where the breasts lose their suppleness and elasticity. Some factors that can increase breasts sagging are stretching of the skin and the cooper’s ligaments, weight gain, weight loss, cigarette smoking, pregnancy, genetics, wearing a poorly fitting bra, menopause, strenuous exercise and nutritional deficiencies.

These are 5 tips to prevent your breasts from sagging:

  1. Wear a proper fitting bra – Your breasts are one part of your body that is usually affected by gravity and a wrong size of bra. It is important to pick a correct size bra in order to keep the breast in shape and improve your appearance. Ensure that your breasts are not spilling out when trying on a bra. You can also consult a professional to have your size properly measured if you are ignorant of your actual bra size.


  1. Breast Exercise – The right exercises can keep your breasts bouncy, however breasts are made up of fat and not muscle, but chest exercises can help improve the appearance of your breasts by strengthening surrounding ligaments to make them lively this was recommended by Anne Taylor, a Clinical Assistant Professor of Plastic Surgery at Ohio State University. One of the right exercise in order to have firm breast is push-ups. It strengthens the pectoral muscles beneath the breasts, shapes up the breast and reduce excess fat deposits around the chest.


  1. Maintain your weight – Endeavour to maintain a stable weight by exercising regularly and watching your diet. Avoid weight fluctuations like gaining and losing weight regularly because this stretches out the skin tissues or increase the tension on the connective tissues in the breasts and affects the elasticity of the breasts. Always stick to your recommended weight to avoid sagging of your breasts and many other health problems.


  1. Massage your Breasts – Apply some moisturiser daily in order to keep your breasts curvy and in shape. Massage your breasts for a minimum of 10 minutes at least 2-3 times per week with coconut or olive oil, Aloe vera gel. This will help add firmness and increase the elasticity of your breasts, as well as improve the skin tone and texture. Gently massage your breasts in a circular motion from upside down and vice versa. Massage draws blood to the surface of the skin, increases blood flow, while stimulating muscle growth, and cell repair to help reduce the appearance and severity of sagging breasts.


  1. Maintain a Healthy Diet – In order to prevent your breasts from sagging, endeavour to maintain a healthy diet. Add a lot of carrots, fishes, nuts, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables and whole grains in your diet. Your body needs balanced diet to build healthy cells and new breast tissues. Vitamins are important for your body; Vitamin D and E enhances a healthy skin.


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